PrepCabin is the creative outlet for my prepping as well as my writing. I wanted a reason to write more and having my own blog was the perfect fix. The best part is I get to write about one of my passions.

It was important to me to show that being a “prepper” wasn’t just for crazy people. We all prep in our own way, and we can all benefit from emergency preparedness. The emphasis is definitely on what average people can handle easily in their everyday lives to become more prepared for any SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) scenario.

On PrepCabin you’ll find my latest successes and failures as a prepper. You’ll also get to go along with my progress as I built custom personal log cabins for myself and other clients. It’s important to work with your hands and to build something your proud of- online and offline.

To check out PrepCabin just click the orange link and it’ll pop up in a new window: PrepCabin